Why see an osteopath?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

If you've ever wondered why you see an osteopath, here are 9 reasons to book an Osteopathy appointment today!

Why see an osteopath

1. You can Self Refer

You can book an appointment directly with an osteopath without being referred by your GP.

2. Short Wait Time

You can often get an appointment the within the same week, if not the same day. Rather than wait for your GP to make a referral you could be getting treatment and feeling better within days for first contacting an osteopath.

3. Local To You

With over 5000 osteopaths in the UK, chances are there is one close to you.

4. Osteoapathy Is Affordable

The average cost of an osteopathy appointment outside of London is between £45 and £50. You will pay more within London.

5. Whole Body Approach

An osteopath will consider your whole body, they won't just assess and treat the painful area.

6. Full Package

An osteopath offers the full package, the can assess diagnose and treat you problem. As well as giving you exercises to do at home to aid your recovery.

7. Injury Prevention

Once you symptoms have improved an osteopath will give you tips and advice to help prevent the injury from re-occuring.

8. Virtual Appointments

If you are still self-isolating an osteopath can give you self treatment and stretching advice to help you feel better without ever leaving the house.

9. Help the NHS

In the current climate seeing a private osteopath will help take pressure off the NHS physiotherapy service. It will give them time to get back to normal, following the pandemic response.

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